Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't stop praying, please!

Our suitcases, bags and sacks stacked by the door in anticipation of our move.
Teresa trying to drink as much of her Fanta as possible so we won't have to move it, too.

Fancy-schmancy bathroom in our new apartment

Absolutely gorgeous view out the balcony window--makes me feel like I'm in the woods

Our fancy shower stall with sliding, rounded see-through doors

Closet in the bedroom

The chair can also pull out into a bed--though we didn't give it a try

Views of the living room--the wonderful air-conditioner was right above Teresa's head

Views of kitchen and dining area

Teresa was delighted with the TV

The fridge/freezer were out on the balcony

The view on Kreschatik--people out walking, sitting on benches chatting

Many of the buildings are marked like this with name of street and building number posted somewhere on the front. Our apartment was on Lesi Ukrainky, building no. 10

We got moved to a very nice apartment with lovely chestnut trees out the balcony window. It kind of makes me forget I am still in a huge city. No computer though. We got our bags set down, spied out all the conveniences and then headed out the door to figure out where we are. We made it down to Kreschatik, ate lunch and got a call from Nastya. Things are still not smooth with the DD. I was asking Nastya if we could go pick up Steven Friday or Saturday and she said we could but it wouldn't likely go too well. DD has hung up on the prosecutor's office, the State Dept of Adoption, and Ukr version of Dept of Health and Welfare. It sounded like if we tried to get him we might have to resort to police action! Seriously. I think that would be just too frightening for Steven so we are opting to wait for Tuesday when we can get the passport and fix the address registration problem and then hopefully get him. Of course then we have to do medical and visa before flying out on Thursday.

Then we headed on Metro to see the Chernobyl Museum. Oh my :( I so wish I could have read the exhibits or that their books-for-sale were in English. We found out that a person can arrange ahead of time for an English-speaking tour of the place. We did get to hear a bit of the English explanation that some other people were getting. But just looking at the pictures was quite sobering. I will have to do more research on that disaster.

The last tenants of the apartment left cherries and strawberries in the fridge, some cheese spread and some sliced ham. We also found two fresh loaves of bread and some eggs. Cool!

The apartment we move to tomorrow is supposed to have a computer. Obviously we are not unpacking much!


Arizona mom to eight said...

That is just Ukraine, isn't it, we did not get Kara from her orphanage until the 10th of December, her 10 day wait was over on the 2nd. I fought for a few days and then resigned myself to missing my flight and getting home when I got home.

How is Steven? How does he look, is he skinny? I cannot wait to see pictures of him home with you. That day will come!

I am sorry that you are stuck in this mess with the DD and everything else going on, continuing to pray and trust that God has a plan.

Alice said...

We'll keep praying! It must be so scary and frustrating. Enjoy the fruit.:)

Christy said...

My gracious Joy! When you finally get home I bet you lock yourself in your house for weeks! I can't wait to see the update telling us this is all behind you! Praying!

Amy L said...

This has got to be so frustrating for you. But God is there with you and watching over Steven, and He will soon reward you with your new son. I am so glad that you went back to bring Steven home, you were an answer to so many prayers! God Bless!

My Hearts Delight said...

Still prayng, Joy. Every day. By the way, check out my blog. I have something for ya.

Natalie said...

Still praying, Joy. Hang in there, just a little longer.

Hugs and prayers.

Carson's Mom said...

Well, it sounds like you have experienced every hurdle they can throw at you over there. Hopefully this frustration will end very soon. Hang in there, it will not be long now and you can head home with your family.