Sunday, June 21, 2009

No News is No News

Our gift bags for the care-givers are ready and waiting

Chocolates for Steven's group

Idaho books for the director of the orphanage, the inspector and our facilitators and translators

Teresa scores some chocolates

This was the pitiful specimen of can-opener found in our apartment along with the pitiful results of using it to try to empty the pineapple can

New and improved can-opener

I bought these mushrooms for spaghetti sauce. Thankfully I smelled them prior to dumping them into the skillet: they were pickled!!!

This shower curtain cracks me up because it has such a big crack in it with the built-in valance--guess where the water goes????
Reece's Rainbow get-together at the Ukrainian buffet: Amy and Adam, Ruben and JoAnn

Joy (me), Gillian, daughter Elena??, Bill and Lyndi--Teresa is taking the picture
This is some kind of berry tree out behind our apartment--I've only heard of berry bushes

Steven and Teresa in the orphanage hallway

One of the other little guys in Steven's groupa--we were told in December that he is deaf

Teresa's got Steven upside-down in this one

I'm sorry to say there really is no news to report. We waited around all Thursday and Friday hoping for news that the tax number was ready. I don't know how many phone calls Nastya and Alexey have made on our behalf nor how many hours they have spent waiting at the office. I know Friday afternoon they had to go somewhere else so Dima (the translator who helped us with Caleb's adoption) was put on stand-by in case the necessary paper was completed. (Then we could grab Steven and head for the passport office) Nope. Consequently, Steven is still at the orphanage. I know God knows what He is doing. I know HIS timing is perfect. But honestly days of just sitting around an apartment and watching our departure date loom closer and closer without the essential paperwork being completed drive me nutso.

One really cool thing was that Friday evening 5 of us Reece's Rainbow families got together at the Ukrainian buffet near the Kreschatik Metro station. Wow! Amy and Adam, JoAnn and husband, Ruben, Lyndi and Bill, Gillian and her daughter, and Teresa and I. I would love to spend hours with these people hearing their stories. Really cool, wonderful folks. And yes, Andrea, pictures were taken of us together. (And yes, you know you will have to wait for mine until we get home. Smile.) Ordering pizza at this place was amazingly--almost boringly--simple this time around :) :) :)

So far no one has taken me up on learning to ride the Metro. But I was able to share a couple maps of the City with interested parties.

Saturday my tummy was feeling a bit unsettled and I was just feeling down in the dumps all the way around. But we'd missed two days of visiting Steven while awaiting a phone call so decided we'd better try to see him though it was a weekend. I hadn't been keeping track of the time so it was probably about 4:40 when we left our apartment (rather than 4:00 like it should have been)and about an hour later by the time we'd walked to the Metro, rode way across town and walked about 5 blocks to the orphanage gate. I knew it would be a very short visit because the kids eat at 6:00. I was right but I'm still glad we showed up. Steven was glad to see us. It gave us a chance to hug him and kiss him and rub his back plus pat a bunch of other little boys who are so needy for touch and attention. I've gotten to see Ruslan several times and he is such a cutie bug. Much quieter than Steven. Usually smiling. Come on guys--he needs a family!! There's one little boy who has the most meltingly-gorgeous brown eyes. He came and sat on Teresa's lap. I couldn't quite snap a picture quickly enough but I am trying hard. The workers here seem kind and caring but they are just not the same as a momma, a poppa, brothers and sisters.

I felt much better emotionally and physically after getting out and about in the fresh air and the sunshine.

Today we went to church. We have met such special people there, too--Alex, Jon, Natasha, Lloyd, Terry--I will miss them. You know, I want to get home so badly and yet the thought of never returning to Ukraine breaks my heart.

As I was typing this we had a minor catastrophe--the TV, computer, washer, fridge, hot pot all suddenly flipped off plus room lights in the living room and bedroom. At first I thought we'd just lost power altogether like we did momentarily yesterday but no, we still had lights in the bathroom and kitchen. So then I knew we must have flipped a breaker. OK, when we were in another apartment, we had something like this happen and Kevin just went out to the breaker box above the hallway door and clicked switches until the power came back on. So I finally got up the courage to take a chair out in the hallway and give it a try. Nope, no dice. Of course, I have a phone number for the apt people here in Kiev but also a note beside their name that says 'doesn't speak English' so wasn't sure how calling them would help at all. So I called the booking agent who lives in another Ukr city -- first on the apt phone where I kept getting some recording no matter which numbers I did or did not dial. So next I tried on the cell phone where I explained the situation and was told the problem would be repaired in the morning. Poor Teresa was in tears. She has been pretty much surviving on TV and computer. Just a few minutes ago a wonderful lady called telling me about another power box in the wardrobe by the living room door. Yes sirree, I started poking and probing all available buttons and now we are back in business. I am so glad God even cares about this kind of stuff.

We were able to talk to Kevin and the kiddos a couple hours ago on the phone. Please continue to pray for Kevin--he has been sick in bed with strep throat. Poor guy, he is such a faithful provider for our family that he never misses work-- even when he feels rotten-- but this time the doctor put him on bed rest. I guess he was flat in bed all day Friday and a good part of Saturday. He's been on antibiotics over 48 hours and shouldn't be contagious so he was going to try to go to church I think--except now James is getting a sore throat. My mom is also being treated for another kind of strep infection. Yikes! Please pray for health for them and also that Teresa, Steven and I won't get sick when we get home. And thank you Scheri for all you have done to keep the house running while Daddy has been sick. I know you are tired, Sweetie. I am very proud of you and am praying for you.


Alice said...

Keeping you in prayer! You are so close. Hang in there!

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Oh Joy, the enemy is trying hard to get you down isn't he? I love how you just keep looking up! Good for you! Before you know it the enemy will be defeated and Steven will be on a plane heading home with you guys :) Praying for Kevin & your family as they anxiously await your return. Blessings, Alysha

Carson's Mom said...

Oh that was so cool that all of you could get together like that. I will be praying that you get the info. needed so you can get out of there and that everyone is healthy soon.


Amy L said...

Oh Joy,
I will keep praying for this to soon be resolved. I am so glad you got to spend some time with other RR families though, what fun!! Keep your chin up, you're doing great! You're truly an inspiration to us all!

Christy said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a time with paperwork! I will be praying for you!

Arizona mom to eight said...

Prayers are continuing all the way around Joy, I learned that I had to go and let God take over the reins in Ukraine, I am hoping you will not have the same issues we did. Sending hugs and encouragement your way.

My husband has been talking baout returning to Ukraine, it gets in your heart and soul and becomes part of who you are. I miss it every day.