Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kiev, Thursday June 11

Kevin got off this morning about 3:00 am to head to the airport. I am hoping he gets some rest along the way because I think he slept about 30 minutes tops last night.

Teresa and I slept in. We decided to go check out the Mega Market that is about 4 or 5 blocks from our apartment. OK, this is the kind of store easier for us foreigners because you can select the items you want off the shelf, put them in a shopping cart or basket and pay for everything at once at the checkout. It has a large grocery section, a kid-section on the next level with diapers, I think I even saw pull-ups, baby food, toys, some clothing and some plastic dinnerware. We think the purchase of plastic could be very advantageous to protect the apartment's ceramic plates, cups, etc from the toss of a certain young man. One section had plants, planters, etc and the top level we saw had health and beauty items. I am so bummed that during the entire 5 weeks I was here in Kiev with Caleb's adoption that I didn't know this store existed. Oh well. And it is just a block or so from the Republic Station metro stop. As someone famous once said, I'll be back.

On our way there we got a call from Nastya saying that there was a couple here in Kiev who'd just had their SDA appt this am and we could meet for lunch. They are from Tuscon, AZ and adopting 3 older kids--like 12, 14, 16. They brought their 11 year old son with them. We ate at the same Ukrainian buffet where we ate yesterday but were a day smarter: we didn't take so much food this time. I had chicken breast with ham and cheese on it, the Russian salad (similar to potato salad but also has peas and carrots in it) and water; Teresa had a shishkabob (sorry, I don't know how to spell that), a chunk of meat and orange juice. Yesterday I had the Russian salad, vereniky with potatoes and potato pancakes (was this Idaho girl having some secret craving for spuds? We ended up taking a container with at least 8 potato pancakes home with us. One serving was 4 pancakes!) Both Kevin and Teresa had tried the cold Russian soup--had cucumbers, onions, dill in it.

The other couple is waiting to pick up their referral and we are waiting until time to go see Steven so we came over to the mall to kill some time.

I am finally getting to read recent digests from Reeces Rainbow and feeling less left out. My congrats to everyone with exciting news about adoption and my prayers for all experiencing difficulties. I haven't got to read the old ones so if anyone knows someone who still wants an invite to the blog, please let me know in the comments section.

Kris L, I just want to thank you again for advocating so long for the adoption of Steven. He is a precious little boy and I know he will bring much joy to our family.

We are hoping to get pictures of some of the other boys in Steven's group. I know the adoption has been a long process for us but doable if people go into it EXPECTING to take two trips, with the first for SDA appointment and to make contact with their son and the second a few months later for court, passport, birth certificate, visa. Ruslan is still here and is such a cutie. And I've heard other names likes Sasha, Misha--we can start praying that families will find them soon.

Well, we'd better head down the trail. Have a great day.

Love from HOT Ukraine,


MamaPoRuski said...

We too loved the Mega Mart but the getting there was difficult! So glad things are going well. We remember the heat all too well too! Go splash in the fountains at the Maiden square! God Bless!

a said...

so happy to hear such progress!! Glad you are doing well. The Marchenkos are going to Vorzel tomorrow and there is another wave of families for Vorzel next week, so you can have lots of families to meet if you wish-how exciting!
love the updates, Amy O

Mandy said...

Hey I was at the Mega Mart! LOVED that place! LOL
Makes you feel like you are at "home" huh?
I'm so happy things are finally moving and you will be reunited with your family soon :)
Steven is one very lucky little lad to join your family :)

Natalie said...

Joy, so glad court went well and that things finally seem to be moving relatively smoothly, and that you found the mega mart!

It was great to see your post on RR!

We are all praying for you here.