Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kiev, June 8 and 9

Teresa's heart was touched by all the stray dogs we saw around the city. We saw a momma dog and 4 pups near the orphanage metro stop.

Inside the orphanage

Waiting for Steven and his group to finish their snack before play time.

Teresa and Steven in the hallway

Playing outside

Steven "sweeping"

and sweeping . . .
and sweeping . . .
and sweeping . . .
and hiding
Our visit to the Kiev Zoopark

Beautiful flowers around the orphanage entrance

Waiting out on the bench on the orphanage grounds
These tights are quite a fashion statement--June 9

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. They just bless my heart. Mandy, Nastya was talking about you just today, about what a sweet lady you are. And Lyndi, I am very much looking forward to meeting you. I really hope we can meet JoAnn, too.

We STILL do not have Internet in our apartment. Kevin called again this morning and the lady from Kiev Rentals (actually Ukraine Faire) said she thought the computer had already been brought back to us and that we would have it by the end of the day. All I know is it had not yet appeared by the time I left the apt to come down here and it is 8:08 pm. I am so disappointed because this company was so good when we used them before and I recommended them to other people coming to Kiev. But now I can find this place with no problem and there are always computers available (AND the guy at the desk understands English--can't beat that combination!)

Today we visited the Zoopark here in Kiev. It was just 20 grievnas apiece and I thought quite nice. Some of the exhibit signs were even in English. I particularly enjoyed the two baby monkeys. Teresa enjoyed the tigers. For a few extra grievnas you could also visit the petting zoo or a butterfly exhibit of some kind. There was a little train and several carnival rides as well but we didn't do those. It was HOT out there. They did have clean potties (with seats no less) though I did have to pay 2 grievnas for the privilege of using one.

We grabbed lunch at the McDonald's by the train station and then headed to the orphanage. A guy at the gate actually stopped us today. We think he was just asking our purpose in entering but didn't understand Kevin's explanation so we had to call Nastya and have her explain it to him over the phone. Nastya had thought Kevin might have to sign some paper concerning Steven's release from the orphanage but as it turned out, he didn't have to after all. We got our daily temperature check and throat exam and the doctor said we are now good because we've been in Ukraine for a week without symptoms. I thought she said we wouldn't have to check in at the infirmary any more. However, the worker with Steven's group said we needed to bring her some kind of paper from the doctor. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Today we weren't allowed to take Steven outside. We were supposed to play with him in the hallway. We were told later that Steven asks every day about his 'papa' We were also told the staff is happy he has a family because he has so much potential. Part of the visit went well. Steven came to us quite readily and climbed up in the chair. I think though we just gave him too much stimulation--bubbles, ball, truck more or less all at once being offered to him. He did a lot of running up and down the hall, running down to the doorway of 'his' group--like he was checking in and making sure everyone knew he was with his papa. And little boys from the group kept sneaking out to play with us. I really hope I can get some pictures of them, by the way. He loved to be chased by Teresa, swung, tickled. He really was not very interested in rolling or bouncing a ball back and forth for very long AT ALL. He prefers to throw the ball the other direction. He did enjoy being held, hugged, kissed and only grabbed my glasses twice this time. He ripped some leaves off of one of the potted trees in the hallway and then later when he tried it again, he pulled the whole tree over. Someone nicely came out and cleaned up that mess. Then at the very end he grabbed a ceramic ornament off the table and chucked it on the tile floor. You can guess how that turned out. That was our clue that he really had all he could take of this visit and Kevin took him back to his group.

We came on home. Kevin crashed on the couch and Teresa flipped on the TV and I came down here. More tomorrow hopefully.


Alice said...

I do hope you get to meet up with the other families. That was the highlight of our time in Estonia. Just to have someone to speak English with was a treat.

Praying the days go quickly until Steven is yours.

Carson's Mom said...

I am glad that the visit went better today. I am sure once you get home and Stephen knows that is his home the "orpanage" behavior will start to subside. Hang in there. I am praying for all of you as you complete this journey there and all get home together.


Amy L said...

Wow, Joy can you believe he is finally yours? What an amazing journey full of ups and downs but well worth it to save that little guy!!:)

shooter said...

When is daddy coming home is he coming saturday?