Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh my word!!

It's a little after 11 AM here and Nastya just called to tell me what is going on with the passport process. Oh my word!!! Believe me, just because you don't hear from your facilitator earlier in the day certainly does NOT mean they are not working earnestly on your behalf. Often it is just the opposite--they are so busy working on the case that they can't stop to chat.

As you might easily imagine, the request to the DD about getting Steven taken to the passport office for a picture--just a picture, mind you, and transported by orphanage staff, NOT us--was not met with a "sure, what time do you need him?" No sirree, Bob! Instead we needed some kind of a decree and this paper and that form. So phone calls were made to the inspector and the prosecutor and some 'higher authority' I think Nastya mentioned about 5 different offices. Even the director himself who is on vacation was contacted. The director then called the DD and afterwards the DD 'thinks' she is convinced. Maybe she can get him to the passport office 'tomorrow' Nastya said no way, we have dealt with 'tomorrow' since November. So as of Nastya's phone call, Dima is at the passport office right now getting a start on the passport paperwork and the orphanage is supposed to be taking Steven over for picture. At some point Dima will call us and we'll board the metro and head there ourselves.

We are to change apartments tomorrow around noon and then to yet another apartment on Sunday.

It looks like every . . . . single . . . . step is a struggle but this is our son and GOD is going to win!! But please don't stop praying--THAT is the power source.


Arizona mom to eight said...

Continuing prayers, after the complexities of adopting from Ukraine, Estonia was such a blessed relief. God will win! I hope Steven is with you tomorrow.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I don't comment much- it's so busy here with our own process but I have been praying for you!!!!!!

a said...

hey girl, so glad to hear you are making progress, like walking through a path of peanut butter but you will make it to the end! Have a great last few days there!
Amy O.

Linda said...

Praying, Joy. So are your mom and dad - I gave them your post this morning first thing. Hang in there! Can't wait to see you home and safe with us again. I know you feel the same. Love, Linda

Linda said...

I'm praying Steven will be home with you in time to ride with the kids on the 4th of July float! He will then be truly one of us here!

Christy said...

I hope you get GOOD news very soon! Praying you all HOME!