Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kiev, Wednesday, June 10

This may be pretty short and sweet due to time. Kevin is planning to fly home in the morning and arrive in Boise at 8:01 pm.

Teresa and I may be moving to another apartment on Sunday. The lady from Ukraine Fare (NOT Kiev Rentals as previously stated) called this morning and said the computer for our apt is irrepairable and this other apt is supposed to open up on Sunday. We'll see what happens there.

Since this is Kevin's last day in Kiev, Nastya took us to see the Monastery Caves. Very interesting. We bought scarves and took the guided tour with Nastya translating. Before entering we were given a candle for light and wrap-around skirts to wear to cover our pants; additionally Nastya had to wear a covering for her shoulders. Apparently many pilgrimages have been made to this site in Kiev which was founded in something like 1055 AD by a monk from Greece. She said something about there being more religious artifacts only in Jerusalem. Even though I am not from an Orthodox background, it still was a very interesting place to visit and also interesting to hear various accounts of miracles associated with the place or with the people buried there. It was also very enlightening to hear an explanation of the Orthodox faith from someone who holds it very dear and precious. I think heaven is going to be such a fun place with Christians from many traditions gathered around the throne singing praises to the Lamb of God--all with one common thread: saved by the blood of the Crucified One.

More tomorrow, I hope.

Love from Ukraine

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