Friday, June 26, 2009

Passport Application submitted

These pictures are from 6/25/09 afternoon and evening

The fountains at Independence Square felt so refreshing. Teresa and I waded sandals and all.

I don't know what this building is. It was near our eating-spot and just looked interesting

Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday we got a call to head for the Metro and meet Dima at the University station at 2:30. Dima, Steven, the blond care-giver and the other representative from the orphanage were waiting across the street. Steven looked so adorable in a yellow T-shirt with sports shoes pictured on it and wearing tennis shoes as well. Usually at the orphanage he is wearing slippers. But bless his little heart, he also looked quite scared and was definitely not running off. When he got his picture taken, they actually sat him up on top of two really thick files of paper to make him tall enough for the camera and he looked like he was about to cry. I got to choose which pose to use for the passport and then had to practice writing my name in a certain sized box without touching the borders. My name is pretty long all written out and my hands were so sweaty--it was HOTTTTTT!!--that my fingers wouldn't slide properly across the page so I ended up just doing first name, middle initial and last name. Then I had to do the same on the actual form from which the signature is transposed to the passport itself. Dima says there is a tiny chance the passport will be done today (Friday) but MUCH more likely to be ready on Tuesday since offices are closed on Monday for Constitution Day. But he feels quite sure we should be ready to fly by Thursday June 2.

Teresa and I went to Papa John's for late lunch (about 4 pm) and then returned to our apartment where I brushed teeth, put on more deodorant, used the potty and then headed back on the Metro to meet other RR families for dinner. I had a plate of potato wedges and 2 Cola Lights--not bottles, just small glasses. One thing that surprises me is that as hot as it is the drinks are very often not kept refrigerated. Teresa did not accompany me--she had a hot date with a TV show. I left her with the room phone and Nastya's number to call if she needed to get in touch with me. I couldn't leave the cell phone with her since it has come in handy before when I couldn't find the people I was meeting.

Teresa and I had already packed most of our clothes but spent quite awhile collecting all of our stuff around the apartment. My heart had sunk when I realized we also need to move all the stuff out of the fridge and cupboards. Since I don't have a box, the cupboard stuff is in sacks. Fridge stuff is still in the fridge of course. And since 2 of our carry-ons are still in Nastya's car with Steven's clothes--should we ever get to pick him up--quite a bit of our other stuff is in sacks, too. I hope everything will fit in the car. I've got to get off of here--supposed to be moving at 11:30 (2 hours from now)

I'm not sure about our internet status--the place we move to on Sunday is supposed to have a computer . . . we'll see.


Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Thank the Lord that things are moving! Praying for it all to come to smooth end with you all landing home soon! :) God bless!!

Arizona mom to eight said...

Praying, and more praying here. Poor Steven, I can picture his little face filled with dear, so sorry he is not with you yet. The Lord has reasons for everything. I think I am glad we were there in the winter, the summer sounds awful.

Alice said...

Soon it will all be over! Praying all the rest of the details go smoothly and quickly!!

shooter said...

hi mommy how are you doing?
I am so sad that you could not come yesterday. :( I love love