Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday, Part 2

On our way home from the metro station we stopped at the little 24-hour convenience store and grabbed two big jugs of water, some milk and some orange juice. I knew I wanted to carry those items the shortest distance possible. After depositing those items in the apt we headed out with our rolling 'shopping bag' for full-fledged shopping at the Mega Market. I was just hoping the place was still open because it was 8:30 when we finally got to the right corner. What a relief to see the sign saying it didn't close until 11 pm.

We did better this time since we knew our way around a little better. We spent the longest time on the chocolate aisle. Teresa was wanting to buy some for herself and I wanted a box to take to the orphanage when we do pick up Steven. I don't know whether it will work but I thought he might enjoy being able to share it with his friends. (Do they understand the concept of sharing?)I have little gifts for the ladies who work with him--just very small gift bags with a couple mini bottles of hand sanitizer, a small pkg of tissues, a couple cute pencil sharpeners and two chocolate candy bars. They are Roshen brand and Teresa says it is really yummy chocolate. I can't remember if I mentioned that I brought books filled with lovely photographs of Idaho scenery for the director, inspector, facilitators, etc. I am pretty nervous about this 'gift' thing, too--wondering if the recipients will like them.

OK, back to the Mega Market. This time we bought pre-weighed produce though I did see where the ladies with the scale are. I guess if you buy loose produce you have to take it to them for weighing and labeling prior to check-out. That part of the shopping adventure filled my bag clear to the top plus another sack which Teresa very cleverly deposited in a locker (my bag wouldn't fit) before our trip up the stairs to the health and beauty area. I also discovered a display of kitchen gadgets and now am the proud owner of a can opener I know how to operate. Our final stop was in the children's section. I decided to just buy pullups AND underwear since I really don't know which one I'll need. I'd seen underwear there before so just figured I'd walk right over and easily select several pair. Harder than I thought, first off because I didn't understand the sizing system--centimeters are beyond my realm. So finally I called Nastya (poor lady) and she so sweetly gave her assistance. We decided we needed the smallest ones. So Teresa and I looked through pile after pile and rack after rack of boxers but the best we could do was "medium" so that's what I got. Then on to Pull-ups. Yes, they do have Pull-ups--for a price--but here again size was a mystery because the weight is given in kilograms (some also list pounds but I can only guess at his weight as compared to Caleb. I actually buy Caleb the 2T-3T size of pull-ups because he has such a tiny bumbum!)

I am so spoiled at home having shopping carts that I can take right out to my waiting van. Here the shopping carts stay in the store (though I did consider trying to rent one!) and you ARE the van. So I had the crammed-full rolling 'shopping bag' and another weighty sack. Teresa had 3 sacks including a awkward-sized one with a big box of chocolates in it. She finally just cinched up the hood on her San Francisco jacket and used the jacket as a sack. She never complained at all. This is a distance of at LEAST 6 city blocks so we were both quite happy to get home, up the stairs and into our apartment. Home sweet home.


Molly C said...

It sounds similar to grocery shopping in NYC. Schlepping stuff home is a surefire way to ensure you buy only what you need :-)

Linda said...

Joy, I just had prayer with your mom and we are asking that this all happen quickly so that you can get home before your scheduled anniversary date. God knows His perfect timing and I know you know that too. I'm just praying that you will be kept in perfect peace and that all things will fall into place. I love you! Linda