Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend in Kiev

On weekends this part of Kreschatik is closed to traffic
At the Hydropark Metro we found these two areas (above and below) that look like they might be set up for paint ball.

Teresa wading right at the edge of the Dnipro River

We saw these costumed folks out on the sidewalk outside the theological building on Sunday morning.

Scenes from our apartment that we moved into on Sunday afternoon

Well, we are moved into our 3rd apartment. The funny thing is that it is exactly straight across the boulevard from our last one! This place does NOT have an air conditioner but does indeed have a working computer connected to the internet--and as of 5:00 pm even has a mouse. On the one hand, it has 2 TV's but so far nothing in English :( -------- and on the other hand, Teresa's DVD's work on THIS player so she is surviving.

Yesterday we rode the Metro across the Dniepro River to the Hydropark stop. I wanted to see what this was. When I saw the sign on a previous trip I'd thought maybe it was a water park of some kind. No, it seemed mostly to be a bunch of beach-side, tent-type restaurants and bars-- quite a few places were grilling meat (though one guy seemed to be melting a plastic bottle on the grill right next to the meat) One area looked like it was set up for paint ball. There were quite a few carnival rides out there, too but very few seemed to be operational. The main activity appeared to by laying on the beach and we saw all ages sunning in their bikinis--not necessarily a pretty sight, believe me :) Teresa did put her piggies in the edge of the river and picked up some snail shells from the sand but we have been discouraged from swimming in it--the very brown color of the water helped reinforce the plan NOT to dive in. Good grief! it was so hot out there that the back of my shirt and pants were amazingly damp. Afterwards, we stopped off at the mall for McDonalds--but the LARGE pop was definitely the best part. On the way home we decided to try to find the metro stop nearer our apartment knowing we'd need it for getting to church in the morning. Thankfully, I could read the Cyrillic signs well enough to figure out which street it was on. And we got to church and back this AM using the new Metro stop where we actually had to transfer from the green line to the blue line--it's funny how scary something so simple seemed--AND we made it home about 1:45 to meet the moving guy at 2:00 pm.

Tomorrow is a holiday here--Constitution Day--so no official business will be conducted. Thank you so much for all the prayers. There is SO MUCH that needs to be accomplished on Tuesday and Wednesday so we can fly home on Thursday. We are getting pretty homesick here--having been gone 4 wks and a day.


Chris and Mary Malone said...

Praying everything moves swiftly this week so you can come home Thurs.
I know right where that Hydro Park stop is,as we always took the red line to get to Brovary. I always wondered what it would look like in the summer, when we were there it was pretty vacant, as there where hunks of ice floating in the river:)

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Hang on Joy, your almost there!It a mighty long time to be away from the other parts of your heart. I'm so glad you have Thresa there with you..could you imagine being there alone? AHH! :) I bet McDonalds brings an odd sence of comfort..something familiar tasting :) Will be praying and Lords willing on Thursday night you'll be sleeping at home. Blessings!!

Linda said...

Hi, Joy - can't wait to see you! We are praying that all goes smoothly the next couple of days so we can get you back home on Thursday. Everyone is praying and anxious to meet little Steven. Tell Teresa I am so proud of her for being so brave! I can't wait to give her a big hug! Love you! linda

Carson's Mom said...

Man you are so close- hang in there a few more days. I am praying for a smooth time to go spring him out of there.


Alice said...

Still praying for you and yours.

Arizona mom to eight said...

You are almost ready to come home, those last days are interminable. I could not see if Steven was with you yet? Prayers continue, wishing desperately for pictures.